1. lucifers-sister asked: hey dude!!! i love your art so much, it's phenomenal. I have a couple of quick questions. You work with gouache, right? how is that medium? i work with watercolors but i want to move to something else. and, i know this kind of a silly thing to ask, but how do you do so well with the shadows and highlights? its amazing. and my final question, do you always do an inking stage before you paint? and what to do use? india ink or? im sorry if this is all too much, but thank you so much man!!

    Hey, I’m really sorry, I didn’t see a notification for this ask so maybe it’s been sitting here for a while.  To answer your questions, yes it’s gouache.  It’s my favorite medium because it’s extremely high pigment so you can get super vibrant colors and you can get a really smooth finished texture.  If you wanted to though you could also use it thinned in washes.  It also scans and photographs really well which is handy if you want to make prints of your work. 

    I approach highlights and shadows in systematic layers.  So I lay down a base color and then my light shadow layer and move on to the darkest shadow layers, and do the same with gradually lighter layers for the highlights.  It’s all very methodical, and for really textured or detailed things I’ll do maybe 5 or 6 layers of lights and darks til I get the dimension I want. Normally you’d probably achieve a lot of this with blending but I like color in flat layers.

    I start with a pencil drawing mostly just to make sure everything is in place and drawn correctly and go over it with whatever busted micron pen I have lying around.  Then I erase the pencil lead so that when I start to paint it doesn’t get picked up and muddy the paint.  This leaves me with a really simple pen drawing that I kind of fill in like a coloring book!

    I’m not sure if any of this makes sense, it can be hard to explain how you do things like this since it’s pretty solitary normally.  It’s all just a system I worked out on my own through trial and error until I found something that more or less works for what I want to achieve.

    And thank you!!

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    indie blog✰☽

    my blog is supa cute

    hella cute


    ☆ i made these ☄

    wow! a lot of people have seen these and appreciate them. 

    i was credited by the original poster, unfortunately their account is deactivated. 

    i only wanna say that if you reblog mystery artwork with something like ☾♫☽ indie blog ☾♫☽, i can forgive that. i actually take my “hella cute” colorful embroidered patches pretty seriously, but i’ll just assume you’re probably figuring out your identity and don’t know how important it is for me for people to make an effort to find out who made the art they like. anyway, i like irony in its most basic form, for example, labeling artwork that isn’t your’s “indie”.

    but if you label mystery artwork with variations on “native/g***y soul”, you should know that’s super not okay, i’m pretty sure that’s not for you to decide what that identity means. i’m not the best person to be explaining this. but i really don’t like hurtful things attached to my artwork. thanks for reading.

    Hey people of tumblr, Fiona is an amazing artist AND you need to take all of these points to heart.

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  3. I just realized I never posted these pieces from my last show. Algol B  Gouache on bristol in a little wooden craft store cross

  4. I just realized I never posted these pieces from my last show. Algol A  Gouache on bristol in a little wooden craft store cross

  5. This image is by Louise Z. Pomeroy.  You can buy prints of it. Leave artist credits or add them if you’re taking work from their site!


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    Josef Madlener

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    "Behold, the power of the night

    Shine, that we may see the light

    Curse the filthy hypocrites

    Crawl, into their beds at night

    Ooze, from slimy depths below

    Scream, into their frozen brains

    Work, thy wretched wrath

    Remove, all obstacles from our path

    I command that these things of which I speak

    Will come to be.”

    Reposting myself because it’s the best.

  8. I made this in 2010 for a Valentine’s Day show where everyone was given a wooden heart as a base for their piece.  I actually really liked how it came out but it sold and is long gone.

  9. tumbleyond:


    "Who cares to find the heaven of the priest, 
    When only warriors can with Woden feast? 
    The flesh of Schrimnir, and the cup of mead, 
    Are but for him who falls in martial deed”

    H.P. Lovecraft, The Teuton’s Battle-Song

    "Valhalla is the great hall of Odin, wherein he feasts with his chosen heroes, all those who have fallen bravely in battle, for all who die a peaceful death are excluded. The flesh of the boar Schrimnir is served up to them, and is abundant for all. For although this boar is cooked every morning, he becomes whole again every night."
    Thomas Bulfinch, Bulfinch’s Mythology

    One of my favorites out of Mike’s recent pieces!

  10. This is my painting for the Monsters Among Us group show hanging at Gristle Tattoo right now.  The subject is Erictho, a Greek witch and necromancer consulted by Pompey’s son in Lucan’s Pharsalia.  Her face has taken on the pallor of a corpse and she lives among the tombs, stealing bodies and body parts and resurrecting them to answer questions from the other side.  I was really drawn to how joyfully destructive and antisocial she is, and how she appears to be in complete control of her own expansive powers and fears no god or spirit. The background monuments were designed after ones you can still see  at the Kerameikos and the ghost emerging from the head is made up of animals associated with Hecate (who she invokes later in the story)

    "Whenever black storm clouds conceal the stars,
    Thessaly’s witch emerges from her empty tombs
    and hunts down the nightly bolts of lightning.
    Her tread has burned up seeds of fertile grain
    and her breath alone has turned fresh air deadly.
    She doesn’t pray to gods above, or call on powers
    for aid with suppliant song, or know the ways
    to offer entrails and receive auspicious omens.
    She loves to light altars with funereal flames
    and burn incense she’s snatched from blazing pyres.
    At the merest hint of her praying voice, the gods grant her
    any outrage, afraid to hear her second song.

    She has buried souls alive, still in control
    of their bodies, against their will death comes
    with fate still owing them years. In a backward march
    she has brought the dead back from the grave
    and lifeless corpses have fled death. The smoking cinders
    and burning bones of youths she’ll take straight from the pyre,
    along with the torch, ripped from their parents’ grip,
    and the fragments of the funeral couch with smoke
    still wafting black, and the robes turning to ashes
    and the coals that reek of his limbs. But when dead bodies
    are preserved in stone, which absorbs their inner moisture,
    and they stiffen as the decaying marrow is drawn off,
    then she hungrily ravages every single joint,
    sinks her fingers in the eyes and relishes it
    as she digs the frozen orbs out, and she gnaws
    the pallid, wasting nails from desiccated hands.”