1. Tiamat- Jeanne D’Angelo (me)

    With poison instead of blood she filled their bodies.
    She clothed the fearful monsters with dread,
    She loaded them with an aura and made them godlike.
    (She said,) “Let their onlooker feebly perish,
    May they constantly leap forward and never retire.”
    She created the Hydra, the Dragon, the Hairy Hero,
    The Great Demon, the Savage Dog, and the Scorpion-man,
    Fierce demons, the Fish-man, and the Bull-man,
    Carriers of merciless weapons, fearless in the face of battle.
    Her commands were tremendous, not to be resisted.

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    Tiamat- Jeanne D’Angelo (me) With poison instead of blood she filled their bodies. She clothed the fearful monsters with...
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