1. Mike asked me to participate in his “Guests in the Witch House" series over on yog-blogsoth where he asks other artists to portray heroes from weird fiction.  I chose Jirel of Joiry by C.L.Moore because I love those stories and that character; a medieval French solider who enters another dimension through a hell mouth beneath her castle.  One of my favorite things about Moore’s stories is the way she describes alien environments through the supernatural world view of her medieval character and creates subtly eerie  haunted science fiction landscapes. 

    "She was tall as most men and as savage as the wildest of them, and the fall of Joiry was bitter enough to break her heart as she stood snarling curses up at her tall conqueror. The face above her mail might not have been fair in a woman’s head-dress, but in the steel setting of her armor it had a biting, sword-edge beauty as keen as the flash of blades. The red hair was short upon her high defiant head, and the yellow blaze of her eyes held fury as a crucible holds fire."

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    Just finally read “Black God’s Kiss” and this is amazing. I really appreciate she’s wearing actual armor here and not...
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